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Jahrestagung Leipzig 2023

Vom 11. bis 16. Mai 2023 traf sich die LEKKJ zu ihrer Jahrestagung in Leipzig/Deutschland.

Öffentlicher Auftakt

Vortrag mit anschließendem Empfang

am 11. Mai 2023, 18.00 Uhr,
im Ariowitsch-Haus, Hinrichsenstraße 14, Leipzig:
Rabbiner Jonathan Romain PhD Berkshire, England
Dignity of Life – Dignity of Dying

When you want to die, but the law won’t let you. If you ask most rabbis, they will tell you that Judaism opposes assisted dying, claiming it offends against the sanctity of life and usurps God’s will. But is that true? Even if that might have been the case in the past, should that still apply today for those terminally ill and in great pain? What sanctity is there in suffering? We are constantly playing God in other forms of medicine, so why not here too? Is it time to change Jewish attitudes?
Rabbi, writer and broadcaster, Jonathan Romain is minister of Maidenhead Synagogue in England. He has written numerous books on British Jewry and on Reform Judaism. He writes regularly for The Times and the Jewish Chronicle and appears on BBC radio and television. He is chaplain to the Jewish Police Association and Vice-Chair of Dignity in Dying.

Der Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten, eine deutsche Übersetzung wird in einigen Exemplaren vorliegen.